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be managed on foot. Der Grund ist die hohe Zahl eingehender Meinungsbeiträge zu aktuellen Themen. As an expat, youll probably have the advantage of the foreigner effect.

The city is small enough, that if you meet someone interesting, and want to run into them again, you probably will. This non-lending gallery is the permanent home to a Warhol self-portrait and iconic works by Rousseau, Klee, and Kandinsky. But thats a post for another day! While you can scrimp and save during your stay, it's always nice to see how the other half lives. There is also your workplace to meet potential partners, but be careful here! Alternatively, you might go the internet route, where there are different websites available (some options discussed below) that can put you in contact with a person with similar attitudes, tastes and ideas. If you want to start a relationship, either casual or serious, youre going to have to put yourself out there. But don't despair if you visit in winter it can be just as magical when the city decks itself out for the holiday season. Keine seriöse Dating-App, das ist allemal ein unterhaltsamer Zeitvertreib, ob man damit wirklich die wahre Liebe findet, ist fraglich. What if youre not ready for that kind of commitment?