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and Japanese. "Hyosung confirmed for a role in 'Introverted Boss' m". Cultural technology (CT a concept popularized by South Korean music label and talent agency.M. Rain was discovered in 2000, and left the management of recording artist and producer, Park Jin-young ( JYP Entertainment) but still remains the working relationship in 2007, and started his own company,. While Krystal, her younger sister, is a member of the f(x) Korean girl group. . Yang Seung Ho Seungho, age 25, (mblaq) Yang Seung Ho born October 16, 1987,was born and raised in Anyang, Seoul, South Korea, an idol singer actor, dancer and model and member of the mblaq Korean male group as the leader and vocalist, currently active. 36 Hyoseong's work on the drama earned her the Special Acting Award Actress in a Genre Drama at the 2016 SBS Drama Awards. (You see, we are a team that respects individuality. At the time, my boyfriend and I fought a lot because we found out about each other's past histories, and ended up breaking up shortly after." - Hyoseong, on her break-up with her boyfriend during her time as a trainee 43 It was confirmed.

Park Yu-hwan is Yoochuns younger brother who is also an sexdate in Bad Wildbad actor in South Korea. Kyu-jong made his debut in Goong:Musical, and played Lee Shin, as the lead role and in September 2011, he debuted as a solo artist with Turn Me On mini album. Junho has many nicknames like Wooyoung, but the most popular is Hwang-jae which means Emperor due to being a serious type and Nuneo, which came from an incident when Junho signed his name quickly on a StarCraft disc newly-purchased appearing mistakenly as Ij Nuneo. 15 The same year, Secret began a foray of Japanese activities with the Japanese release of Madonna and Shy Boy. Although Onew was not hurt physically, he did have trauma mentally and was diagnosed as psychological unstable. Nichkhun sings or raps in English since he grew up in the United States and can speak English chkhun is set to play the role as Lawrence in Japanese live-adaptation film Ouran High School Host Club, as the president of a corporation in Singapore. I thought I really had to work hard, so I decided to leave school and focus on lessons." 8 However, she was faced with a larger obstacle during her 11th grade when her father was diagnosed with lung cancer, though he initially recovered after treatment. "Secret's mini album Secret Time released!".

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