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them into action. Die deutsche Gesellschaft und der Widerstand gegen Hitler. The courtyard where the officers were shot on is now a memorial site, with a plaque commemorating the events and a bronze figure of a young man with his hands symbolically bound which resembles Count von Stauffenberg.

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The Valkyrie plan had been agreed to by Hitler but was secretly changed to sweep the rest of his regime from power in sextreffen in Thale the event of his death. a href" " /a a href" " /a a href" " /a a href" " /a a href" " /a snac a href" " /a a href" " /a Find a Grave 1995. Stauffenberg spent three months in a hospital in Munich, where he was treated by Ferdinand Sauerbruch. For his injuries, Stauffenberg was awarded the Wound Badge in Gold on 14 April and for his courage the German Cross in Gold on 8 May. The Stauffenberg family is one of the oldest and most distinguished aristocratic Catholic families of southern Germany. Piper, München 1986,. When Joseph Goebbels announced by radio that Hitler had survived and later, after Hitler himself personally spoke on the state radio, the conspirators realised that the coup had failed. Reduced to a formula, he wanted the nation to remain soldierly and become socialistic (p.

Norton, 1998 p 525. Hitler used the 20 July Plot as an excuse to destroy anyone he feared would oppose him. 50 Assessment edit One of the few surviving members of the German resistance, Hans Bernd Gisevius portrays Colonel Stauffenberg, whom he met in July 1944, as a man driven by reasons which had little to do with Christian ideals or repugnance of Nazi ideology. By contesting Stauffenberg's suitability as role model." He further writes, "If then, as Evans notes with initial objectivity, Stauffenberg had a strong moral imperative whether this stemmed from an aristocratic code of honour, Catholic doctrine or Romantic poetry then this also underpinned his initial affinity.